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The Group’s History

G.T.Z. DISTRIBUTION s.r.l. was formed in 2011 as a distributor of Kappa-branded sportswear. Right from the start they had the idea to replicate the success achieved in few years by their partner company G.T.Z. MEDICAL, a distributor of medical products for sports medicine, through the creation of a sales network across Italy.
The sales network and the ensuing trend towards a nationwide distribution immediately stood out as GTZ’s distinctive feature in the Italian context.
Our team of agents, brought together over the years, is made up of young people with a sport-related university degree and experienced sellers in the sports industry. As a rule, they receive training through both long-term internships at the company premises and remote lifelong training programmes.

Over the years lifelong learning led to the creation of a team of area managers all over Italy who understand each and every technical aspect of an all-round supply to sports organizations and/or shops. Each GTZ-Distribution agent is not simply a seller, but, first and foremost, a highly qualified technical consultant. But, most of all, a GTZ agent is a huge sports fan .
Our commercial framework, so complex and organized as opposed to traditional industry competitors (mainly operating on a local or provincial scale), soon attracted the attention of big market leading groups interested in:

  • An organized distribution that avoids overlaps locally, fruitless competition among sellers and the loss in products’ value and price.
  • Authenticity, that is promptly meeting the brand’s demands;
  • Quality, that is delivering to the end costumer a message that adds value to the relevant brand, placing the product at the top of the marketplace.

The First Italian Teamwear Distributor

Adidas2015 marked the beginning of a close collaboration with the NIKE brand, something that led GTZ-Distribution to become Nike’s key distributor in Europe, as well as the first Nike Team distributor in Italy.
At the same time, from 2016 onwards GTZ-Distribution strengthened its relationship with ADIDAS, the other major industry leader, and in 2018 became one of the main 25 European distributors for Adidas.

After strengthening these important partnerships with the two main leading brands (ADIDAS and NIKE) in the international sports market, in 2017 GTZ became the exclusive team sports distributor for LE COQ SPORTIF, the historic and highly prestigious brand, rising strongly in the global market after being repurchased by a Swiss fund.

The partnership with LE COQ SPORTIF along with NIKE and ADIDAS ultimately marked the clear and unconventional choice made by GTZ-Distribution to approach the team sports market — which had always been characterized by a cheap-oriented attitude and by poor quality — with a totally new attitude.

Finally, in 2019, GTZ establishes an important partnership with the third world sportswear group, namely PUMA for national marketing with important strategic visions on the future of Italian distribution. With PUMA, a line of clothing for teams of the highest quality and textile construction, as well as strength and resistance, enters the GTZ range.

All this translates into:

  • Quality (and healthy) fabrics (French double cotton, Adidas Cold-ready®)
  • Technological Innovation (Nike Dri-fit® and Adidas Climalite® breathable fabrics, Puma Dry-cell®)
  • Efficient Distribution through consultative sales professionals
  • Heat Transfer Quality Materials for long-lasting customization

The straightforward and catchy company slogan sums up this essential feature of GTZ-Distribution, that is the attitude towards non-cheap products:

GTZ…Only the Prestigious Ones!


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